“Same-Sex Couples Should Have Exactly the Same Marriage Rights.”

Mike has pushed boundaries by urging the Prime Minister to completely reconsider the laws surrounding unions for same-sex couples in Britain.

As representative for an area with the highest proportion of gay couples in the country, Mike has regular discussions with constituents who have experienced discrimination in attempting to form a legal union. Until recently, religious venues were banned from holding Civil Partnership ceremonies for same-sex couples. Although the ban has recently been lifted, such venues can still turn away same-sex couples and no venues can perform full same-sex marriages. By writing to the Prime Minister, Mike wished to highlight that such behaviour would not be tolerated in any other situation.

Commenting, Mike said: “Discrimination in today’s society should not be tolerated. It’s distressing that so many countries around the world have appalling gay rights. As a supposedly civilised country, we should be pushing for a society where everyone is equal before the law. Quite simply, same-sex couples should have exactly the same marriage rights.”

In his letter, Mike said: “The Civil Partnership Act 2004 resulted in the introduction of Civil Partnerships for same-sex couples in December 2005. There was much debate at the time and the result was undoubtedly an uneasy truce between those wishing to preserve the religious significance of marriage and those fighting for equality. Lawmakers knew at the time that an inherent inequality would still be maintained even if greater equality was being afforded to same-sex couples.”